Moroccan Muse

There is nothing like walking into a home with Moroccan design. From the big bright lanterns to the ornate pattern details on the rugs and blankets, all the characteristics of traditional Moroccan interiors are incredibly beautiful. My house is in desperate need of a baby facelift and many of he inspiration I am pulling from has a Moroccan vide.

Upper: 1 / 2  Lower: 3 / 4
Upper: 1 / 2  Lower: 3 / 4
Table Tonic

What initially inspired this post was the wedding blankets above by Table Tonic. As a tradition, the Moroccan Wedding Blanket is passed down from generation to generation, and before the couple gets married, the bride with the women in the village, gather and add to the heirloom blankets (all by hand!). The purpose of the blankets is to ward of the evil eye for your future family.

Here are some ideas for simple ways for you to add some Moroccan flare to your home (without having to re-design an entire space):

1. Create layers of pattern
2. Used contrasting or complementary colors
3. Mix shapes and textures in fabrics (ex. in decorative pillows)
4. Add a ornate lantern to brighten a space
5. Create low seating with poofs, benches or over-sized floor pillows.


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