The Pink and Blue is a website that aims to shine color to all aspects of your life, from the clothes you wear, the food you eat, to the creative ways we celebrate traditions with our families. Come, read, click and stay. We hope you enjoy our world as much as we do!

We started off as Husband and Wife team, but since we have expanded our family (with one beautiful baby girl and 2 crazy dogs, oh – and did I mention the horses?). Most of our life is a constant work-balance struggle, but over the last few years we’ve adopted the “fly by the seat” philosophy… or as Tim Gunn would say “we’re making it work”. Now Chris works full time, and I’m stay at home mom with a passion project business, Bashabaloo. The Pink and Blue Blog is a love letter to the life our family shares and the style, lessons and beauty it curates. For more information about The Pink and Blue Blog or Bashabaloo, please feel free to message us.

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