Packing Up Those Cookies

how to mail baked goods and cookies

Packaging Cookies to Send in the Mail

Not to toot my own horn, but I can make some pretty terrific cookies, toot toot. No one can beat my snickerdoodles (yea, I said it!). Unfortunately, sometimes the people on the receiving end of my packages can end up melty, crushed or extra gooey crumbs. Yikes! So, I did a bit of experimenting and I’ve come up with a full proof way to pack your favorite baked goods with minimal causalities.  Here’s the tricks you’ve been missing out on to keeping cookies safe and whole from your home to theirs.

Use Plastic Wrap, then Tupperware

One big mistake many make when packaging cookies and other goodies is to just pop everything into Tupperware and ship it out. First, thats not very nice to your frosting… and second, Tupperware will trap the moisture of the cookies and make them soggy, but plastic wrap will keep things tightly sealed and fresh as when you baked them!

Paper Bags Make Cute Wrapping

As a prettier alternative to Tupperware, you can decorate paper bags with stickers and baker’s twine for simple, elegant packaging after you’ve plastic wrapped your cookies.

Don’t Mix Flavors!

Can you imagine a peanut butter cookie with peppermint in it? Yuck! If you want your cookies to retain their own unique flavors, don’t expose them to each other during shipping. I see this as a great excuse to use a label gun, you’re welcome! Keep everything wrapped separately to keep the flavors from mingling and ruining your hard work.

Stamp Stamp Stamp

Don’t forget to write or stamp FRAGILE on your cookie packages. I’ve invested in a cute stamp, and I seriously go nuts on the box before I ship it out. So there you have it, Granny gets her cookies and now you’re a regular Red Riding Hood! God speed.

2 thoughts on “Packing Up Those Cookies

  1. Yeah,yeah that’s where I messed up last time when I packed my cookies in Tupperware. They were all soggy exactly the way you said. plastic wrap is a great idea. Thank you. I also like the mixing flavour thing. That will surly come in my mind next time.

  2. I never really thought about this, but I would like to send cookies to my nephew in college. He loves my chocolate chip cookies 🙂 The next time I make a batch, I will be following your steps.

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