Leaving on a Jet Plane

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Are you the first one to admit that you’re not the most efficient packer? Well, I’ve got you covered! For most people, there is always one too many suitcases and more times than not, they are filled to the brim with things that never see that light of day during your trip. Once you and your travel partner get in a routine of jetting off somewhere together, it becomes second nature. So much so, that as you are walking out the door you start naming off a laundry list of things that the other usually forgets, “Did you get your phone charger, how about a book to read?” and then my husband’s favorite, “what about snacks?!”
Recently, as I prepare for several big vacations coming up, I started thinking about the “staples” that go into my packing experience, especially for my packing-challenged (sorry honey) life partner. Take a peek!

Here’s What to Pack


  1. A scent you and your traveling partner enjoy, there is nothing worse that being stuck on a plane with someone that makes you sneeze for hours on end.
  2. A warm sweater or cardigan.
  3. A gadget to entertain yourself. We are glued to our iPad, so this case that doubles as a keyboard is perfect for traveling.
  4. Casual shoes.
  5. A bag to take exploring, large enough to hold both of your daily adventure needs but is compact enough to bring as a carry on.
  6. A camera!
  7. A nice jacket that can transition from day to night.
  8. A fine razor.
  9. Soap, face wash or facial product that your skin is used to- you don’t want to dry out or shock your skin while on your trip.


  1. The perfect traveling case that you can pull out of your carry on and use your entire flight so don’t have to keep digging around your bag.
  2. A warm coat.
  3. Earbuds for your favorite playlist.
  4. What’s a girl without her hair products, right?!
  5. … not to mention her cosmetics.
  6. The perfect pair of comfy jeans for when you explore your new city.
  7. A medium sized tote.
  8. Some sexy under-roos.
  9. Flats for whatever may come up.
  10. A travel case for your computer.
  11. Sketching supplies for if you suddenly feel inspired!

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