Room Show Stoppers

The best part. center of attention. focal point. high points. hub. main event. nucleus… call it what you want to call it, but every space has one. Something needs to pull focus. Hence my newest column celebrating the centerpieces! My Room Show Stoppers are going to highlight some of my favorite attention-getters that can strangely enough bring a room together.

This week’s show stopper award goes to the lovely and talented Peggy Wolf, whose original art makes my heart go pitter patter! I personally am in the midst of re-vamping my compilation of wall art, and since illustrations have become my latest obsessions, I’ve decided that one of these amazing pieces have to make a starring role on my current big bland wall (let me know which one is your fave to help me decide). Peggy’s work is described as “partly hand-drawn illustrations on paper and digital collages” who likes to play with color and contrast, but I think they are just plain fabulous! Take a peek.