Small Space Solutions

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I live in a small apartment. Wait- small is an overstatement. “Teeny Tiny” is a better description… so I am always on the lookout for great ways to utilize my one person/standing-room-only kitchen and our living room/library/office. But I REFUSE to believe that just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean it can’t be mighty.

My Husband and I downsized from a four bedroom home in Arizona to our current one bedroom apartment after we moved back to California and there are some major downsides to our move:

  1. I have a ton of stuff piling on top of one another. When we lived in our 2500 square foot home I was called a “hoarder,” so you can imagine the amount of stuff I am cramming into our now 700 square foot space. The one thing I have had to learn is how to edit. Even if you have really great pieces, too much in a small space can clutter so easily and instantly create an eye sore. Knowing when to pull back, step away, and spotlight one or two special accents can make your small space sparkle.
  2. There is no cohesive theme or look! Transitioning from multiple rooms into one wide open space is beyond challenging. It’s driving me nuts that half my living room looks sorta uptown vintage and the other is beach chic. I love the both separately but together, it just looks silly.

SO this post is all about ways to bring it all together, editing the big and small, and figuring out new and innovative ways to to make your small space not fill like the inside of a clown car.

Skinny DIY Desk” via  Design*Sponge
Optimizing Air Space via Apartment Therapy