summer menu {part four}


As the summer is sadly coming to end, I thought I would wrap up my summer menu series with my most favorite meal… Breakfast for Dinner!! It has always been my Birthday Dinner, for some reason my parents made it for us on special occasions, and to this day the very thought of enjoying pancakes after dark gets me excited! Breakfast for Dinner isn’t an easy task, you have to have a balanced meal {**disclaimer: this meal is not balanced or healthy- it’s just all my favorite parts of breakfast thrown into one meal}, but at the same time have to make sure that it’s filling. And obviously you have to work in some dessert… because like I said, it’s supposed to be a treat! I hope you enjoy my Breakfast for the Menu, I am already brainstorming about so Fall Menus 🙂

11 thoughts on “summer menu {part four}

  1. I love breakfast for dinner! This is seriously all delicious looking but oh my gosh, so many calories and everything bad! Ha ha ha!

  2. Breakfast for dinner is definitely the way to go. I’ve been thinking about baking some brioche so I could have french toast, but after seeing that stuffed french toast, I think I may need to go all out and really indulge.

  3. Stuffed French toast and roasted cherry ice-cream? Please stop doing this to me woman! I’m experiencing major food envy, which could be dangerous!!


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