falling for fall.

Don’t get me wrong, summer is great… but there is something about fall that sweeps me off my feet and makes everything so romantic…


my annual boot hunt began today and I am thinking that one of my big purchases this fall {I allow about 2 a season} will be a great pair of brown boots, much like the ones seen in these photos via ish and chi {love that blog!}. so how about you, have any fall fever?

12 thoughts on “falling for fall.

  1. I need a pair of brown boots myself and i love these! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog too:-). I also have a tumblr. I’m now following your lovely blog. I hope you’ll follow me too:-).

  2. I’m still enjoying summer but I know in a week or two I’ll be itching to be snuggled up in jumpers. Oh the boot quest. My perfect favourite burgundy suede pair, that I could wear anywhere, died last year and so I search for their replacement…. Those boots look great.

  3. You’re right: There is something special about fall.

    Every time I think about fall I get a nameless feeling.

    Can’t wait until fall arrived!!

  4. Fall is my favorite season ever. Fallen leaves of the brightest and loveliest hues, the brisk chill in the air, cozy cardigans, pumpkins, bouquets of sharpened pencils….the list goes on! What’s not to love?

    T-minus 40 days until it’s heeeere!

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