His and Hers: The Treasure Drawer

“Junk Drawers” your worst enemy, is my best friend.  Think about it. We all have random drawers in our homes that gather things that we, for whatever reason, don’t want lying around- sometimes we feel bad for throwing it away but most of the time we still have it because it’s just too awesome to toss… or because there may be a slight chance you will someday need a pair of tweezer’s with a built in flash light.


My husband hates “wastes of space” but I believe it should be called a Treasure Drawer! For me, these kinds of drawers are filled with odds and ends that have a sentimental hold on me. Check out what we have stashed in out Treasure Drawers, and leave a comment below with some of the fun stuff you have hidden away!


  1. Some of my favorite Polaroids that I have been collecting forever.
  2. Fun wine stoppers.
  3. Funny bandaids that somehow take away the sting of paper cuts 🙂
  4. Who needs army men when you have ballerina girls?!
  5. Lucky pennies from the year Chris and I were born.
  6. Random keys that I have no idea where they belong.
  7. Adorable swiss army knives.
  8. Hand made crafts.
  9. Coffee Coozies.
  10. Greeting cards too cute/funny to throw away.
  11. Super sweet bookmarks.
  12. Party masks.
  13. Ballons.
  14. Coasters!
  1. Party cups.
  2. Sentimental Jewelry.
  3. Phone accessories in general- but this is my favorite thing on the board.
  4. Jump drives in disguise.
  5. Iphone bottle opener = awesome!
  6. A key tool for practically anything.
  7. A light pendent that my wife despises.
  8. Beakers, incase I want to perform some science.
  9. A plethora of sunglasses.
  10. Man Journals.
  11. Glasses stands.
  12. Luggage eyes.
  13. Super cool coasters.
  14. A trusty leather beer coozie.