Your Closet: 10 Pieces, Hundreds of Possibilities

Easy Closet Staples for Spring and Summer

The seasons are changing, and instead of getting outdoors and enjoying the sunshine and milder temperatures, you may find yourself standing in front of your closet stressing over your spring and summer wardrobe.  How on earth can you possibly enjoy outdoor activities without the proper attire?

First of all, there’s no need to fret.  Sunshine makes everyone look better, so you’ve already got that going for you.  But, if you’re looking to look good all spring and summer long without breaking the bank, here are 10 pieces worth your investment.  They’ll pay you back by lessening your style stress.

  1. Denim.  This season, denim is big in so many ways.  From dresses to old school, 90s inspired skirts, you’ll see it everywhere.  The best way to make use of this trend is to choose a pair of jeans that make you feel your very best.  For me, that’s a faded pair of boyfriend cuts, but maybe you love the new drawstring palazzo style or a standard skinny jean.  Whatever you know you’ll wear, buy that.  Try something like these that my Stitch Fix Stylist hooked me up with!
  2. Little black shift dress.  This is a more specific version of the traditional LBD because it covers not only the classic nature of a versatile little black dress, it also falls in line with one of the warmer season’s top trends.   This summer is all about floaty and flowy and less about the body-con, figure-hugging silouette of last summer.  Dress this shape up with an intricate bib necklace and down with hoop earrings and sandals.
  3. Flat sandals.  The style is totally up to you, but it’s important to go pretty neutral as the whole goal here is to be able to wear them with everything.  A camel suede or dark brown leather of some kind is a great choice because that tone can often compliment even black well.  Think casual.  We’ll talk dress shoes shortly.
  4. Flat sandals again – this time in black.
  5. A printed shirt dress.  The shirt dress is all the rage this season, as are prints!  Cover both bases by choosing one in a delightful print that isn’t TOO loud so your network won’t notice the frequency with which you wear it.  Shirt dresses are great over tanned legs with those neutral flat sandals we discussed or over stove pipe or skinny jeans.  Choose one with sleeves you can easily roll up for a more casual look.
  6. A floaty tank.  All of those figure hugging tanks you wore with maxi skirts in summers past can now be relegated to the work out drawer because this summer is all about flowy, cropped tanks.  Go with a basic black silk cropped tank to wear with high-waisted cropped pants or maxi skirts.  Jersey in grey is also a good option.
  7. Wide leg trousers.  These early 2000s staples have come back in full force this spring and will continue to be hip through the fall.  They pair perfectly with that floaty tank you just bought, and you can have them tailored to fall right at the top of your flat black sandals.  Go with an off-white linen or heavy cotton, then be sure to press before wearing to achieve a very expensive effect.
  8. Cropped pants.  A single pair of crisp, cotton cropped pants will carry you through all of summer if you care for them as directed.  Go with black to achieve maximum versatility.  If you’re thinking that cropped pants went out in the early 90s, just remember, everything in fashion comes back around – these summer staples saw an early revival.  These will also go perfectly with your floaty tank and flat sandals.
  9. Something magenta or Kelly green.  Magenta is the big color of the season, so you will have no trouble finding it.  Get trendy with a mini dress or floaty tank in this color.  If you don’t feel your best in magenta, there is an alternate color in Kelly green.  This is last summer’s hold over color, so it might be tougher to find pieces, but it is going to be every bit as hot during these warmer months.  In an effort not to resemble a shrub, choose a piece like a tank or ¾ sleeve jacket in this color to accent your outfit rather than dominate it.
  10. Strappy wedges. These will be your “fancy” shoes for the summer, so black or camel are your best color choices.  The higher the wedge, the more dressy these shoes will look, but consider comfort as well.  Summer is all about poolside soirees, beach bashes and garden parties, so make sure you are comfy in whatever height you choose.  Pick something with a relatively neutral wedge base as well.  Avoid the “rope” look, as that tends to take your look more casual.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “okay, but there is an alarming lack of color in this scheme…”, you’re right.  These are your basics.  If you needed to, you could get away with just this, but here is where accessories come into play.  You can mix and match almost all of these pieces (you can even wear a shift dress over cropped pants) and then add fun jewelry, scarves and hair pieces, all of which are much more cost effective than buying multiple pieces that can only be worn one way.  Giant cuff bracelets, bib necklaces, summer scarves and fun, 60s inspired headbands are all very in the season, so get creative.

And, finally, if you’re looking for trend inspiration, let the garden be your guide this summer.  Florals, wildlife prints and lace are all perfect staple pieces, so channel your inner green thumb and celebrate the sunshine!

4 thoughts on “Your Closet: 10 Pieces, Hundreds of Possibilities

  1. My Mother recently got out her “summer clothes” trunk from the basement. She shares a lot of the same fashion ideas as you. I’ll pass this along to her. Cheers!

  2. Nice choices for spring and summer collection in your wardrobe. I checked all the item and I love that dark blue and white printed dress. It looks awesome on the summer time, but the cost is a bit high, so I need to cut my other budget to get this one my wardrobe.

  3. You make great points. I always look into my closet and “feel” like there is nothing in there to wear. I think I just have to start looking at each piece a little differently and make “new” outfits with them! Thanks for the motivation!

  4. I agree, you need to have a couple of “defaults” (as I call them) in your closet just in case there is a quick need to get made up and get out of the house.

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