The Wreath Project


Cosmically my love of design and folklore have come together! I just so happen to find The Wreath Project while I am smack dab in the middle of (hell) a construction zone that is our apartment. In the last 3 weeks we’ve had our deck ripped out and rebuilt, new stairs put in, new plumbing in the kitchen and new garage doors installed… while I love new things, having my house look like an episode of hoarders is driving me nuts. Just when I had lost all hope I found these amazing wreaths with an even more amazing story:

The Wreath Project is inspired by an old Polish tradition to hang a wreath on the top of a roof as a sign of completing construction, and at the same time act as a symbol of joy and feast. The Wreath Project Lamp hand made from spiral wire, 60cm in diameter with approx. 120 knots of silk ribbon.

I couldn’t help but lay in bed last night day dreaming of a pretty, flowery wreaths waving a-top my completed apartment- and fell asleep relatively hopeful.


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