His and Hers: Vacation Escapes

“His and Hers” is a sneak peek into the way me and Mr. Blue re-define the phrase opposites attract. As I mentioned before, having a yin to your yang can bring the perfect spice to a sometimes boring life. The other day when the subject of vacations arose in my house, Blue and I got to talking about the perfect getaway, and once again I was reminded of how different our version of “perfect” can be… take a look.

clothes / beach image
Hers: I literally want to escape to a island where I can lay on the beach all day and read a good book… I would “plan” nothing, no activities or day trips, I’d wake up in the morning, see how I feel and then take it from there. Everything would feel completely laid back and if I decided to go “do something” it would have to be totally spontaneous.
man / mountains image

His: Mr. Blue’s dream vacation would be heading to the mountains and camping with as little of today’s luxuries as possible. He’d like no cell service, making fire, picking berries and singing songs around a bon fire. He would also like me to add that he’d wanna grow a awesome beard and wear an exorbitant amount of flannel on this trip… yep, well that’s Blue for ya.