Favorite Things Friday: Baby Baby Baby Ed.

Dear Pregnant/New Mothers Friends,

I see your Facebook status’, adorable baby bumps and video montages of you creating your “nursery nests” and it is giving me major baby fever (the scientific term for the craving to get knocked up). I recently read that it isn’t uncommon for women in their mid twenties to experience extreme emotions of wanting to get pregnant and I think it safe to say I have been riding that roller-coaster for about a year now… but I have to credit all of the external influences ie. pinterest boards of adorable kid’s rooms, baby blogs, and tweets about “the cutest thing that so and so did whilst eating his spaghetti” for pushing me over the edge. So this is fair warning friends, if you keep doing what you are doing, I may have to veer from my carefully thought out 5 year plan and start making those Lil Ms. Pinks and Mr. Blues (scary thought!) sooner than later.

For now, here is my release for getting all things baby out of my system.


Ms. Pink