His and Hers Favorite Things Friday 05|20|2011

Sometimes opposites attract, and in the case of Mr. Blue and I… it couldn’t be more true! Separately, our styles and tastes may conflict, but together we always somehow manage to compliment one another. For this week’s “Favorite Things Friday” post I thought I’d give a glimpse into our {contrasting} essentials. I’m on the left and Blue is on the right. Check it out!
Ms. Pink: My Father’s Daughter by Gwyneth Paltrow | Mr. Blue: Cooking for Geeks by Jeff Potter
Ms. Pink: Antlers | Mr. Blue: Antlers
Ms. Pink: Bright and Cozy Chair | Mr. Blue: Leather and Reclined Chair
Ms. Pink: Champagne | Mr. Blue: Whiskey
Finds That Fascinate
Ms. Pink: Oscar Diaz Ink Calendar (that fills in as the days go by!) | Mr. Blue: Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

7 thoughts on “His and Hers Favorite Things Friday 05|20|2011

  1. This is pretty similar to my Mr. and I! I really might have to check into that cooking for geeks, I think he’d like it a lot!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. omigoodness this is the cutest study in contrasts ever! and i must be pretty manly because i find myself drawn to the blue column. love hudson whiskey especially!

  3. haha! youre not alone jiji, a lot have people have told me they are more Blue’s style… I just think he has good taste 😉

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