designer crush: ariel gordon

Do you ever spend hours pursuing {stalking} people on Facebook? I call it the “spiral of time”, one minute you can be looking at a friends page, and then another you see a comment from someone who looks familiar- which takes you to another, and another and then suddenly you realize 4 hours have passed and you are slouched over your computer with a glazed over look on your face… well friends I have a theory: the same things can happen with blogs… example > my blog roll led me to Could I Have That? >> led me to Ariel Gordon’s Blog >>> that finally landed me on the designer crush of the moment Ariel Gordon Jewelery! My Point? Life, blogs, and yes- even Facebook… can all take you unexpectedly lovely places… the very thought of you wandering over into my little blog makes me very happy and I hope you’ll stay awhile ♥ps. isn’t this gold jewelery amazing?!

11 thoughts on “designer crush: ariel gordon

  1. (I don’t know if my last comment went through so here is a repost:)

    I love jewelry that’s both casual and glitzy. These items are perfect for day and night! I went to Ariel Gordon’s site and everything looks so good. I am a victim of the spiral of time thing you speak of with blogs, except it becomes a daily routine by choice…but I think it’s a good thing 🙂

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