put your bandit hat on…

Dearest Friends,

If you haven’t yet seen the Fantastic Mr. Fox, I insist you stop everything you are doing {you have permission to leave work} and watch this brilliant movie. Not only is it visually breathtaking, but it’s also hilarious. I can’t wait to have a mini one day so I can share this movie and it’s message; that yes, we after all are wild at heart.  As Bethany Frankel, “I laughed, I cried,” I found another reason to fall in love with George Clooney… After falling for this movie I discovered this amazing book {that should be sitting on my coffee table} about how the film was made, and I thought I would share. Let me know what you think of the movie.


ps. I am for sure naming one of my children Ash after loving the lil fox.


6 thoughts on “put your bandit hat on…

  1. I think I am going to kick google reader out the window.

    How have I been missing these posts??

    I have refreshed and am now going to take your advice and abandon my life to watch the Fox…

    Sounds like the perfect escape to me.


  2. It’s really that good? I might have to actually stop what I’m doing, run out and get it, and watch. And these photos of the book — I’m fascinated.

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