the fantastic fedora

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During summer, I’m always looking for new ways to over up and avoid “rudolph nose” … you know what I’m talking about, that awful tan line or sunburn you get when you wear your sunglasses while you are laying out at the beach or by the pool… and you looking like Santa’s favorite reindeer. BUT thankfully the fashion goddesses have given us hats, specifically the fedora, which I am currently loving, and rocking on an almost daily basis.

8 thoughts on “the fantastic fedora

  1. I love hats. I fear my head may be too big to wear them…or at least find one that fits comfortably. But you’re right: it’s such a smart and stylish piece for the summer.

  2. lovin’ your style!

    on my last beach trip i found a hat so wide it shades my shoulders too … very dramatic but also practical as it can be molded to stay in different positions, folded up and packed. by Scala, about $25.

    for the city I’d choose a smaller version by San Diego hat company — also squashable and just a bit more $$.

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