camping? no, glamping.

Chris has really been begging to go camping…*sigh*

I want to be a “good wife”, I really do. I’d like to take interest in his hobbies, but camping?! I had never been camping before dating the hub-ster, and every time we go something disastrous happens {friends light inappropriate things on fire, bird invasions, extreme heat, rain!}, which may or may not have prompted us to make other sleeping arrangements, such as… retreating to sleeping in the car, oh and once it resulted into getting a very nice hotel room. BUT the one thing that I have learned… “marriage is all about compromise”! So I bring you GLAMPING {glamorous camping}… I discovered this term when I wish Google Readering {via Apartment Therapy}, and came across a Four Seasons in Thailand that infuses the best of camping with hard core luxury! Yeah, I could Glamp.

{images via Four Seasons in Thailand and eyes see pretty}

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  1. As far as I’m concerned, glamping is the only way to camp! Just looking around your blog and I really like it! Thanks for stopping by and for your good wishes and kind comments about my daughter. I will definitely be back here soon – now off to check out the older posts too! Great page!

  2. Glamping sounds great! I have never been real camping though, but getting a nice cozy little cabin is a lot better than sleeping on dirt! 🙂 Check out Sunset Magazine I know they talk about Glamping, but of course, they don’t call it that!

  3. Ha ha, what a great idea! You guys sound like me and my husband, but I’m the one trying to get my husband to go camping. He never went when he was younger, but we went all the time. I’m pretty sure he would go to this place in Thailand though…and I would be fine with that!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I’m adding you to my RSS feeds!

  4. I could handle camping here! lol! Thanks for joining my little blog-n-bake party on my blog! It says in your profile that you are obsessed with cupcakes, so I guess it was meant to be! Happy to have “met” you! xo

  5. glamp…that is awesome. camping is where mark and i’s extreme differences start showing – i really don’t like it and he is like a guys guy and loves it – but i do try to compromise every now and then!

  6. Love those pics! I think my hub and I are the opposite–I grew up camping, and he doesn’t really love the outdoors per se. 🙂

  7. oh my… i love a good old fashioned “tent on the ground, pouring rain” camping trip, but this looks divine! count me in 🙂

  8. I’ve never been camping! But Glamping actually sounds like something that I’d love. These photos look amazing!


  9. Oh, I’m with you. I’ve done the camping thing with others – no fun – you don’t feel sexy, you don’t feel clean and this is not a way to spend a weekend in my opinion. I love the idea of Glamping – I’ll most certainly do that. Great idea!

    I hope all goes well! =)

    Thank yo so much for stopping by the blog.

  10. why not take a quick trip to thailand to glamp instead of your local campsite. i’m sure if you suggest it to him, he’ll go along with it, right? 😉 for the record: i would only glamp, never camp!

  11. I’ve had an aversion to camping ever since a disatrous stint at Girl Scout Horse Camp when my horse, Tank, nearly crushed my foot and the counselors made us hug trees if we talked too much in the cabins. (um, hello, what else do 6 tween girls do at night??) But Glamping, Mrs. Pink-style–that I could get into!

  12. Let me tell you a little story: when I was 13, my Catholic all-girls school decided to go camping. Milla raised her eyebrows and said “not today, not tomorrow, not ever”! Now at 29 years old, I have no desire to change my view!

    However, if glamping involves the Four Seasons, girl you better sign up before I do!!

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