HIs and Hers: Bedroom Style

We prepped for this post by trying to explain to each other “what we need in a bedroom,” and then this happened…
Hers: “I need a light and graphic sanctum”
  1. I love the elements of this art wall, especially the centerpiece of the bust that adds something of a 3-D effect. It gives the thrill of vintage, but offers the perfect amount of modern balance.
  2. Every book lover needs a comfy place to perch while they read their favorite story- that’s why I am in lust over this sac!
  3. Everything is RIGHT with this fluffy comforter.
  4. This print is perfect!
  5. Didn’t you hear? Jewelry is meant to be on display! What better way than with this little gem.
  6. What’s a bedroom without a little romance, right? Candles are a quick fix to turn up the heat 😉
  7. Big ol’ mirror, oh how I love you!
His: “I need to feel like I’m sleeping outside”
  1. Gimme a bunch of warm color! I love leather- so this headboard had me at hello. (yeah I said that, but look how manly my room looks)
  2. Mr. Cash is my idol. Period.
  3. My wife and I have to have separate closets- for now I get the smaller one but one day I dream of TWO walk-ins.
  4. I need a good light in the room to read at night, and if you have to be practical you might as well be cool with this guy.
  5. I can’t think of a cooler way to sleep than looking up at the stars and wall too wall/floor to ceiling windows could do the trick.
  6. This chair belongs in our house.
  7. Our house is almost completely hardwood, so a comfortable rug for molly to lounge on is a must.