We Are Talking Sandwiches People.


Let me preface this post with somewhat of a disclosure: Chris and I wanted to do a post about sandwiches… and then you can safely say, things got a lil bit out of control. Slowly but surely we had a catalog of sandwiches (a plethora if you will), and trust me- getting these nine was an editing challenge.

So here our our favorite sandwiches, and to abbreviate this post – Chris picked his most favorite recipe, and I added my. Enjoy!

1. This Chicken Caprese Sandwich is epic.
2. If you have never tried a Fried Bologna Sandwich, get ready for this guy!
3. Chinese Roast Chicken Buns. Oh yeah. (My Favorite!)
4. Mmmmm. Triple Decker Italian Cheese Sandwich.
5. Common, you can always use a fab Egg Sandwich recipe.
6. Buffalo Chicken Cheese Sandwich. Yep. AMAZING!
7. Grilled Beer and Cheese Sandwich. (Chris’ Favorite)
8. Banana Bread Split Sandwich for dessert!
9. Two Words: California Sandwich. Yum yum yum!