Into the Woods {Wedding Invitations}

It’s safe to say I am a “hard sell” for all things wedding.  When you’re 26 you have multiple friends (per year) either getting married, engaged or writing some form of wedding blog- and to be honest it’s real easy to get burned out by weddings, right?!
That being said- I knew these wedding invites were something truly special, when I had to drop everything I was doing to venture to read more.


These “Into the Woods” invites by Christine and Ian have a majestic and organic feeling like nothing else I have ever seen. At first glance they look expensive and complicated (the overall goal for most wedding invites) but in reality they are quite simple.
My two favorite features have to be the pop up trees and the mini field guild they made for guests new to the area. You can’t always assume that your wedding guests know what you have in-store for your big day, so I am always appreciative for the couple that take the extra time in an invite to break down what we are in for – and this field guide seems like the perfect solution!