Color Me Candid: The Coffee Experiment & Elizabeth Haddad


I’ll be honest and tell you that one of the coolest things that has happened to me thus far in my “blogging career” was receiving an email from a author of a blog I love to read telling me that they would like collaborate! When I first learned of The Coffee Experiment and Elizabeth Haddad I thought “Brilliant!” I knew I had to hear more. I love the way Elizabeth treats the coffee with such reverence and ritual, making each coffee experience feel like it’s something extra special. Take a look at some of the Color Me Candid question she answered (and see the super cool video below) and enjoy The Coffee Experiment!

What’s the key to a good cup of jo?

Well, I could list off a lot of technicalities that make up a really good
cup of coffee, like freshly ground beans (a must), good water, well
roasted beans… but, to be really cliche but true, the key to a good cup
 of coffee is heart! If someone makes it with care and shares it with
 you with love (and good conversation) that can make for a great cup of 

Your dream cup of coffee?
What city: Anywhere in Ethiopia.
Coffee Type: Ethiopian coffee.

Who you’d share it with, person living or dead:  Just one?! Patti 
Smith. Thank goodness she’s living, so I still have a chance (Patti, if
 you are reading this, shoot me an email! Let’s hang!) She is so wise,
 has lived through so much, and can tell me stories about New York in the
 ’60s, literature, art, spirituality, and probably teach me a thing or 
two hundred about writing. She is the epitome of cool (read her memoir
 Just Kids, and you will see), and I’ve heard she likes coffee.

You have incredible style, who or what are your fashion influences?

Thank you! I am very inspired by vintage fashion, especially the ’40s
and the ’50s. I love red lipstick and the way women dressed themselves 
each day. I have also been very influenced by my time spent in Italy. 
Italian women have such a sensuality about them, while remaining quite
 simple. They are very aware of cut and fabric, and their style is
always easy. I’ve definitely taken some cues from Italian women
 (besides the vespa-in-heels thing. I like flats!) Travel in general 
inspires my style, and it’s ever changing as I see the women around the 
world expressing themselves in all their unique ways.

Your favorite food to have with your coffee?

Before coffee: A hearty meal of guacamole and Mexican chicken soup. If
 it’s authentic, it’s good and healthy. Wash it down with coffee and I’m
With coffee: An Italian cornetto, hands down.

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title
should be?

The Coffee Experiment? Consistency is good, no? “My Life as Liz” was 

What’s next for The Coffee Experiment?

This blog has brought me many good fortunes and projects I’m working on, 
so I’ll be busy writing and filming and traveling. Hopefully, I’ll be
 visiting Istanbul, Turkey sometime in the fall, and maybe coffee in 
Ethiopia with Patti Smith?


I can’t thank Elizabeth enough for getting candid with us today! If you have any questions or want to read more about her lovely project, visit