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Welcome to Day 2 of “Design Theme Party Week,” where all we are going to talk about is the best of design! To start our party today, I’m highlighting this amazing “cabin in the sky” with a tree house twist, built by local designers in Wisconsin.  Go getcha scroll on…
images and story
 The best part about this cabin is the story: After design couple Tereasa Surratt and David Hernandez, bought a 1920′ resort camp, they decided to renovate the property into a art heaven for grown ups. With high hopes and a tool box of design friends, they all brainstormed the perfect vintage hideaway in a simple tree house/cottage. When it came to the location, it was a no-brainer… shortly after purchasing the camp, the couple found out that their favorite tree was perishing from Dutch elm disease and were going to have to remove the tree because of the damage to the branches… INSTEAD the team decided to salvage the large trunk and build around the tree to incorporate it into their cottage! Using the natural elements Elm and reclaimed pieces from local demolished spaces, the tree house took shape into an amazing escape.

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